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Reach your customer in the right place at the right time



Finding a needle in a haystack is a difficult task.Somewhere among the millions of internet users is your ideal audience. The question is: How do you find them? Funny you should ask. Shareads has a comprehensive set of targeting tools capable of connecting you with precisely the consumers you're after.

Target users based on their displayed behaviors online.

  • Audience Behaviors (traditional behavioral targeting): Hundreds of audience behavior segments are available for targeting (e.g., Auto Intenders, Apparel Shoppers, Family Planners, Travelers, Investors, Health Seekers, Trendy Homemakers, Moviegoers and more).

  • Custom Audience Behaviors: Target a custom segment of users who have displayed relevant, discrete behaviors such as site visitation and buying habits across various content categories.

  • Audience Extensions: With an audience extension, you can reach those same users wherever they go across affiliate marketing network - at a lower CPM than running ads on one site alone.

  • Search Behaviors: Target users who have made category-related searches on properties or third party sites(e.g. auto, diet & fitness, real estate, shopping, travel, and more).


You can tell a lot about a user from the type of technology they use frequently. It is quite handly, actually. Target users based on technology elements from a user’s computer or the network they use to access the internet for e.g. top-level Domain, Full Domain, Connection Speed, Browser and Operating Speed.


  • User/Household: You can target users based on attributes from user registration or third-party data (e.g. age, gender, income, kids).

Site: Place your ads on the sites that are visited most frequently by your desired audience. We aggregate our inventory by demographic and psychographic attributes.You can, for example, place your ad on sites that are visited by users who attended college, users who applied offline for a credit card in the last six months, user who traveled domestically over six  times in the last six months, and many more.

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