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Get paid for sharing adverts, it's that simple

Becoming a member of ShareAds is completely free. Once you’ve joined our network, we’ll provide you with advertising links to share across your social media. We will then pay you a small fee for activity resulting from the links that you share.

The more you share, the more money you make. We operate a strict code of conduct, and we never allow third parties or our advertisers to contact you direct. Why not sign up today?
The sooner you start sharing, the sooner you’ll start earning.


How it works, it’s not rocket science

The advertiser provides shareads with an advert to share

ShareAds passes on the link to this advert to members

ShareAds members share the link via their social channels

Advertisers have been paying “affiliates? with an online presence for many years. Suppose you’re a florist. You decide to pay various other businesses who have an online presence to carry your advert. You then pay these “affiliates? according to the activity that adverts on their sites generate.

What’s new about the ShareAds idea is that we are the affiliate, but an affiliate with a difference. We pass on each link to our members, and the advert is displayed on their social media feeds. Currently, we support sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.


Keeping tabs on your accout

As a ShareAds member, you’ll automatically get a ShareAds Account. You can monitor this account via a simple dashboard, which displays all the information that you need to keep track of how things are going.

On your ShareAds Dashboard, you can see:
What links you have shared
What activity these links have generated
What you have been paid by ShareAds so far
What ShareAds has yet to pay you

We’ll then pay you, once a month, via your PayPal account.