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Q1. Do I have to pay to become a member?
No, registration is free and no monthly fees are charged.

Q2. What products do I promote?
We work with a variety of business types of all sizes . We ensure that each business is reputable.

Q3. When do I get paid?
All business generated up to and including the 15th of every month is paid on the 1st of every month.

Q4. How do I get paid?
We pay via Paypal . In order to sign and receive payments you need a Paypal Account. If you haven’t got an account already please sign up here

Q5. How often do I share the ads?
We ask you to share just twice per day between 9am and 12pm and after 5pm and 12am.

Q6. How are the ads assigned to me ?
Each ad you share has a unique tracking code. Anybody that clicks on the ad is assigned to you. If your Friends or Followers forward or share your ad it is still tracked to you.

Q7. Where can I share the ads?
You can share the ads to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , via email and Linkedin

Q8. How do I share the ads?
You will see how easy it is to share with just a couple of clicks from your members page.

Q9. Do I need to write anything when I share?
No, the option is available to make comments but you don’t need to.

Q10. How quickly can I start?
As soon as you sign up you can start.

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